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Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall

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Render ATL 2023 Trip Report

Don't let the FOMO get you down! Check out my trip report from Render ATL 2023. I'll talk about all of my experiences throughout the entire event.

For anyone who has never heard of Render ATL, it is THE tech conference where diversity meets development. This year, it was held May 31 - June 2, 2023 at the Americasmart Building in Atlanta, Georgia.

There were 2600+ in attendance with about 100 speakers! With 12 workshops and 95 talks, there was something for everyone. The topics ranged from design & CSS, web & mobile engineering, product & project management, and leadership & entrepreneurship.

In this article, I want to take you on a trip through Render ATL from my eyes. I'll talk about all of my experiences throughout the entire event.

There were so many great speakers! I just did not have time to attend every session. If your talk is not mentioned, it's not because it wasn't great!!

Who am I?

You're probably wondering who I am. My name is Jesse Hall. I'm a Senior Developer Advocate at MongoDB and a Tech YouTuber. I have over 20 years of development experience and I love to help developers learn new things. I also love long walks on the beach, VS Code, coding in React, and CSS is my jam. 😅 If you want to hear more from me, follow me on Twitter.

Day 1: May 31


The first thing I did after landing in Atlanta was check in at the Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel. This 73 floor hotel is amazing! It was the perfect spot to host this event. We even got custom key cards for our rooms.



I got in late, so there was no time to attend an entire workshop. But I got to check out the venue and the workshops seemed well attended and received.

Some that stood out to me:

  • AI for JavaScript - Tensorflow.js - Gant Laborde
  • Reactivity Deep Dive with Vue.js - Evan You
  • TypeScript, Quickly and Effectively - Adam Rackis
  • Build a Simple Chat App with Appwrite - Wess Cope


By this time I was hungry. So what do I do? Check Twitter of course!

I saw that the Clerk crew were hanging out for dinner, so I met the at Tin Lizzy's for some awesome tacos. I meet so many great people here.

Left to right: @adamdotdev, @SteinlageScott, @devagrawal09, @jescalan, @codestackr, @gabe_g2i, @zeu_dev, @DenzelEch, @ReggieDFord, @jamesqquick, @domitriusclark, @r_marked, @jetpackjoe_

Left to right: @adamdotdev, @SteinlageScott, @devagrawal09, @jescalan, @codestackr, @gabe_g2i, @zeu_dev, @DenzelEch, @ReggieDFord, @jamesqquick, @domitriusclark, @r_marked, @jetpackjoe_

VIP Reception

After dinner I went to the VIP Reception on the top floor of the Westin (73rd floor!) at the amazing Sun Dial restaurant. This is a swanky restaurant with great food, drinks, and an awesome live band.

Everyone dressed up and we had an amazing time! Check it out:

VIP Reception Party

Day 2: June 1

The second day started with small hiccup. There seemed to be an issue with the check-in system that caused a delay in getting everyone through the registration line quickly. However, this only put the schedule behind by 20 minutes, and by lunch everything was back on track. The Render ATL team did a great job working under pressure!

The talks


I was invited to attend a dinner hosted by Wix at the Ponce City Market. Great food and great company! Thank you again to the Wix team!

Can you find me in the picture?

Rooftop party

After dinner, we were escorted to the rooftop where the fun continued. The roof of the Ponce City Market is like a mini carnival with putt-putt golf, carnival games, and even rides. But people were mostly dancing because there was a great DJ there too!

Day 3: June 2

It's hard to believe it's already Day 3! Here's the line up of talks that I attended:

The talks

Closing session

Justin and Angie closed out the conference with reflection, gratitude, and the announcement that Render ATL will be back next year on June 12 - 14, 2024!!

Concert with Kaytranada

After the last session, the attendees made their way to the Kaytranada concert at Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark.

Daily themes

Each day had it's own theme!

🏀 Day 1: Jersey day
đŸĻ¸ Day 2: Cosplay
🎨 Day 3: Tie Dye

Other's share their experience

✈ī¸ Brandon Bayer showed up in style!

đŸ¤¯ Grey got a Render ATL tattoo!!


🕹ī¸ There was a really cool game room!

Secret suites

đŸĨƒ Tracy Lee (This Dot Labs) had a really nice suite I got to visit a couple times. She had the best whiskey's!!

Lots of fun!


Apparently Shaundai is running for President?! 😅

More photos

If you want to see more photos or add your own, check out this thread from Danny Thompson.

See you next year Render ATL!

There were so many other great speakers! I just couldn't attend every session. Be sure to check out the RenderATL YouTube channel for all the talks when they are released.

I had such an amazing time meeting great people in person. I'll definitely be back next year. See you June 12-14, 2024!! 🍑

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel codeSTACKr if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading!